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    • Folsom State Prison’s Original Officers and Guards Building

    • This circa 1900 photograph shows the Folsom State Prison’s original Officers and Guards Building. Tucked into the southeast corner of Folsom, the structure was built in 1895, as indicated by the date stone, which reads “MDCCCXCV.” Two guards...
    • 2210b
    • Folsom, California

    • 1995
    • Shown in circa 1995 are highlights from Folsom's historic Sutter Street. From left to right are Folsom History Museum, Sturm's Hotel, and the Folsom Opera House.
    • BBSAC894
    • East Gate and Warden’s Mansion at Folsom State Prison

    • 1920
    • This circa 1920 photograph shows the Warden’s Mansion, resting next to the Folsom’s East Gate. Completed in 1915, the structure eventually became home to prison personnel and business services offices. Standing in front of the East Gate is a...
    • 2210c
    • Folsom State Prison Old Administrative Building and Cellblock

    • 1900
    • As seen from the northeast in circa 1900 is Gothic-style Folsom State Prison. As early as 1878, it was the State’s intent to make Folsom a branch prison of San Quentin. In accord, it received its first 44 inmates from San Quentin in July 1880. ...
    • 2212b
    • Folsom's Historic Powerhourse

    • 1995
    • Shown is 1995 is the Folsom Powerhouse. Built in 1895, the plant and its surroundings were added to the National Register of Historic Places. It played a role in the first ever delivery of hydroelectric power, sending its charge 22-miles to Station...
    • BBSAC912
    • Folsom's Historic Powerhourse

    • 2000
    • Shown in circa 2000 is the Folsom powerhouse. It was built in 1895 under funding from Charles and Horatio Livermore, and regarded to be "the greatest operative electrical plant on the American continent." It was made operable by the Sacramento...
    • BBSAC911
    • Rainbow Bridge on American River

    • 1997
    • In this January 1997 photograph, waters of a flooded American River tear below Folsom's Rainbow Bridge. At the time of the flood, only seven percent of Sacramento properties absorbing damage held flood insurance. Overall, and at the time of the...
    • 1658b
    • Rainbow Bridge on American River

    • 1997
    • Torrents of water make their way down the American River near Folsom's 80-year-old Rainbow Bridge in January 1997. Spanning a week-and-a-half from New Year's Day, storms and resulting rains were responsible for the destruction of over 2,676 homes...
    • 1658c
    • Rainbow Bridge on American River

    • 1997
    • This photograph from January 1997 shows a swelled American River rushing below Folsom's Rainbow Bridge. Despite protection from of one of the most elaborate flood control systems in the world, the El Nino-attributed New Year's storms forced water...
    • 1658d
    • Folsom State Prison Convicts

    • A line of Folsom Prison inmates make their way toward the lower yard rock quarry in this circa 1910 photograph. Prisoners who worked the quarries toiled daily for seven-and-a-half hours and without a lunch. Starting in 1884, the prison resolved...
    • 2208a
    • Folsom State Prison Exercise Yard

    • This circa 1900 photograph reveals Folsom’s exercise yard. Inmates are involved in some type of physical activity. The earliest proponent of recreation at Folsom was Warden Charles Aull. Starting in 1894, he organized baseball teams with games...
    • 2208c
    • Rainbow Bridge at Folsom

    • 1930
    • This photograph shows Folsom's Rainbow Bridge as it stood in circa 1930. The arch-style bridge was built in 1917/18. An old truss bridge shown in the background was taken down and then erected over the Klamath River at Walker, on a Forest Service...
    • 113
    • Folsom, California

    • 1995
    • Captured in circa 1995 is Folsom's Sutter Street and the façade of William Carriage House Antiques, located at 728 Sutter Street. It was established in 1970 by Joyce Williams.
    • BBSAC892
    • Folsom, California

    • 1995
    • This 1995 postcard shows Folsom's Sutter Street, intersected by Riley Street. The view looks southwest toward Sturm's Hotel. The pictured median was installed sometime in the mid-1960s.
    • BBSAC893
    • Folsom

    • 1995
    • Shown in circa 1995 is Folsom's Opera House, located on 713 Sutter Street. The structure is a replica of the original building. Opening in October 1965, the venue hosted plays by Henrik Ibsen and George Bernard Shaw.
    • BBSAC896
    • Wells Fargo Building, Folsom, California

    • 1970
    • Shown in circa 1970 is Folsom's Wells Fargo Building, located on Sutter Street. The decision was made by the Folsom Historical Society, in September 1960, to turn the building into a museum.
    • BBSAC897
    • Folsom School Building, Folsom, Cal.

    • 1910
    • Shown in circa 1910 is Folsom's grammar school, also known as Granite Elementary School. It was situated on Mormon Street, between Reading and Decatur streets. The pictured building was replaced in 1914.
    • BBSAC907
    • Folsom, California

    • 1968
    • Shown in circa 1968 is the upper end of Folsom's Sutter Street. Visible in the upper, right hand corner is the tower of the Cohn House. The whitewashed tower in the middle of the frame marks the volunteer fire department.
    • BBSAC915
    • Folsom, California - Rainbow Bridge

    • 1995
    • Shown in circa 1995 from a birds eye view is Folsom's Rainbow Bridge, built in 1917. The bridge was preceded by four others - in 1854, 1858, 1861, and 1866.
    • BBSAC920
    • American River near Folsom

    • 1997
    • Two pine trees and an ancient retaining wall are the backdrop for flooding along the American River, near Folsom in January 1997. The highest volume of water to fill the American equaled 115 cubic feet per second a figure which was considered safe...
    • 1655a


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